Boda Campestre en Bell Recó

This precious wedding took place at Bell Racó, an incredible Catalan manor house in the interior of the Maresme region.


The couple chose Tot Hosteleria for their wedding day, and showed their desire to set the atmosphere of the dinner and the ceremony with a country touch. That’s why in the courtyard of the house, where the banquet was held, they used the crossback chair, and combined imperial wooden and black wrought iron tables, with round tables with stone edge stoves. A set that every time more and more enchants to our youngsters.

In the ceremony of the link they went for the golden Tiffany chair that combined fantastically with the façade of the house.


We love this kind of weddings because they allow us to play with different elements and styles to create a unique atmosphere.


  • Florist: Atmosfera Barcelona
  • Catering: Sibaris Catering
  • Wedding Planner: Wedding Stories